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I have worked in hospitality for years and thought I had seen it all…til today.

We’re a local pub with a strong sense of community. One of our longterm regulars lost his wife after a long illness so, naturally, we were hosting the funeral. We reserved the dining side and put signs in the window explaining what was going on.

A fellow went to sit at one of the reserved tables so I went over to explain the situation…

“I’m really sorry, sir but these tables are reserved as we’re expecting a funeral party soon.”

*looking at the sign on the table* “So I can’t sit here?”

“Terribly sorry but no, not today sire I’m afraid. We have this whole side reserved for the funeral party. You are more than welcome to site on the bar side though”

*borderline aggressive* “I came all the way from [neighbouring town] for this!”

I wasn’t delighted with the attitude thrown at me so I tried a more direct approach

“I am sorry, sir, but one of our regulars lost his wife so it’s the least we can do to for him and his family”

“Yes but I travelled all the way from [neighbouring town]!”

I apologised one final time and he wandered over to the bar side, looked around and announced to my colleague that it ‘wasn’t good enough’ that he couldn’t have a table!

Sadly, he was one of five separate people to be annoyed that we had tables reserved for the funeral…