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(I work in a very busy call centre for one of the UK’s top energy distributers/breakdown insurance providers with over 50 different departments)

Me: Good afternoon your through to [Company / Department] how can I assist you?
Customer: I’m cancelling my internet can you still take my Direct debits?
Me: I’m sorry this is [Department A] all billing queries are to go to [Department B]
Customer: No it isn’t a billing query its about my service
Me: Okay sir if you let me get your details I’ll bring them up now, can you confirm [details]
(Customer fully confirms the security details and does indeed have a service agreement)
Me: So how can I help with the service is it a breakdown or fault?
Customer: No I said I’m cancelling my internet will you be taking the direct debits?
Me: Sir we don’t provide internet perhaps you should speak to your telecom provider or if you want to speak to direct debits your bank.
Customer: But I want to keep paying for the service you provide but don’t want my internet so I cancelled can you [Company] still take my payments?
Me: Oh I do apologise sir, I was a little confused. All your direct debits for us come from your bank, so cancelling your home internet will not affect your direct debits to any company as it is the bank that process these.
Customer: No, I pay for the agreement not the bank so it would be myinternet wouldn’t it?
Me: Sir looking atyour details I reccomend you take this up with your bank [Name of Bank]
Customer: Well you’re just useless, I wonder why I am paying for this terrible service I want to cancel.
Me: I do apologise you feel that way, if you just hold the line I haveto put you through to [Department C]
Customer: I am not holding this is ridiculous I want a manager.
Me: Sir I will have to place you on hold while I locate…
*customer hangs up*