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(I work in a small, independently owned pharmacy/ convenience store that is located in a beach town that attracts a lot of tourists, so things are over priced and there are parking meters outside. This particular evening, I was slightly irritated because my shift had ended 30 minutes ago and my co-worker was still not there. I was waiting when this middle aged man walked in, and started to look at the merchandise.)

Customer: *walking around, looking at stuff* “COME ON GUYS!” *kind of laughing* “OH COME ON!”

(Thinking he was either mentally unstable or really strung out, And figuring he was complaining about prices, I decided to just stay out of his way and let him look around.)

Customer: *walks up to the  cash register* “Hi, do you have any shirts for babies?”

Me: “If we have shirts for babies they would be right down this isle, on the right side.”

(The man walks down the isle and starts looking at the shirts, which are probably a little too big for a small baby.)

Customer: “AW MAN! COME ON GUYS!”

(At this point my co-worker had gotten there, and I start counting out my till. After a couple minutes, the man comes up with just a shell, and my co-worker goes to ring him up and wrap his shell.)

Customer: *dancing around*

Me: (as I’m counting out) “How are you tonight?”

Customer: “Great! How are you?”

Me: “Good, thank you!”

Customer: *leaning in sideways and murmuring* “I’m high on shrrrrrms”

Me: (a little confused by what he meant at first, and after a couple of seconds I realize he’s telling me he’s really high on shrooms) *awkwardly laughs and keeps counting out*

Customer: *starts dancing around more and making sound effects as if he’s shooting things in the air with his hands*

Me: *laughs* so how are you feeling?

Customer: “great! I’m at dinner with my parents and I had to go back to the car to refill the meter if you know what I mean” *winks and starts to walk out the door*

Me: “well, have a good night!”

customer: “You too!”

(Anyway, he totally made my night and actually made me glad I had to stay a half hour later than I was supposed to. I wonder if his parents knew he was so high.)