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, | Unfiltered | July 18, 2018

I’m working self checkout it’s been a pretty busy day so far with it being tax time and everyone getting their refunds. I notice a group of young adults (Looking to be in their early twenties) about to ring up at one of the self checkout registers. As they ring up the alcohol I walk over to check for IDs. Two of them initially give me ID then I turn to the last two and smile politely saying that I will need to check their IDs as well. One of the girl’s pulls out hers and hands it to me but the other says that she doesn’t have her ID. I ask her if it might be in the car and she says no, I politely tell them that I have to decline the sale. They agree and I take the alcohol after declining their transaction. I put the drinks in the return buggy at the bottom and return to helping other customers with my back turned to the group. When I turn back around the girl without her ID was standing at the main self checkout register with her head bent down and the other girl of the group encouraging her to just go. She leaves and I approach the register looking down to see a Note from her saying “FYI Customer service is best served with a smile, next time Nix the Attitude” I laugh it off, I suppose that by checking ID and politely declining because she didn’t have her ID means I am rude and unfit to do my job.