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[I am a web developer but also perform some level two technical support for our customers. Fortunately I mostly get to deal with them via a ticket system rather than in person or on the phone. The following ticket was passed up to me as it has to do with game design program that correlates to a student workbook.]

Customer ticket: I’m disappointed when trying to do Activity 5-2 from [Workbook] with my students and we cannot find the “fruit” that is supposed to be added to the game. Is there a solution to this? Is this going to be an issue in other Activities as well?”

My reply: The [Program] library contains two Miscellaneous categories. The first in the local library contains only 8 files and does not contain the Fruits library file.

The second Miscellaneous category can be found within the “Games” category. Select the + icon next to Games to expand this section. The Miscellaneous category listed within this Games category location contains a great many libraries. It is here that the “Fruits” library you are looking for is located.

Customer response: We were not able to get the [Program] software, but had to go to the [Different Program] Free software. Does that make a difference? I still cannot find the second Miscellaneous category.

[It took me quite some time to formulate a response that said “Yes, that makes a difference and will affect use of the entire Workbook” in the most diplomatic way possible…]