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, | Unfiltered | July 16, 2018

[I’m a bit bleary from a long day at work, and not particularly attentive. The middle-aged lady in line ahead of me is clearly an Irish tourist. She’s also very attractive. I’ve accidentally bumped her several times as the line has moved, but because of my bleary state, I haven’t noticed.]

Her: “Stop bumping me!”

Me: “What? I haven’t been.”

Her: [angry look] “Yes, you have.”

Me: [silent]

Her: “Pog ma thojn.”

[That gets my attention. I realize I’ve been in the wrong. I drop into a catcher’s crouch and prepare to kiss her quite attractive butt.]

Her: [laughing]: “You don’t have to actually do it!”

Me: [rising] “I’m sorry for bumping into you. ”

Her: “Apology accepted.”

[As the tension broke, even the cashier was laughing at the scene. The woman and I parted on good terms.]