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(Shortly after my boyfriend and I started dating and we were both still in
high school, I was over at his house.  His parents sent him to the grocery
stor a few blocks from their house and he took me with, mostly because I
have high functioning autism and am very nervous around people I don’t know
very well.  No idea how I got a boyfriend.  Anyway, we walked to the store,
got the stuff, and were heading back through the parking lot at the start of

Me: *cuts off what I am saying mid-word* “Omg, bouncy ball!” *pounces on it
and begins bouncing it as we walk*

Boyfriend: *waits a few moments* Um, continue?”

Me:  “what?”

Boyfriend: “You were saying something…”

Me: “I was?  Oh well, I can’t remember it.”

(There is a very large park exactly half way between his house and the store
and we just got to it.)

Boyfriend: *snatches ball out of the air before I could catch it and
examines it*

Me:  “hey!  Give me back my ball!” *grabs it back*. “You have your own
balls!”  (Not referring to bouncy balls.)

Boyfriend:  *very calmly* Yes, but if I were to bounce mine, it would hurt a
lot.” (Referring to the same thing I was)

(However, I did not expect it, did not expect any direct response to it at
all, and had to lay down in the grass by the gazebo because I was laughing
so hard and I stayed that way for a good ten minutes.  He sat down next to
me and waited patiently.  I was still chuckling about it by the time we
finally got to his house.)

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