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| Unfiltered | July 14, 2018

(I was called over to the Junior department of the store since some customer just made a HUGE mess on the floor. I’m just over there picking up the mess when I see a customer walking by)

Customer: Where in the world is the small section? (she was shopping with her teenage daughter while talking to herself)

Me: Are looking for the small section? It’s right over to your left? (I point it out to her. I also mention where the clearance section is.)

Customer: Alright, thank you! (She’s says gracefully and goes on shopping)

(I’m continuing picking up items off the floor and she can clearly see that I’m doing so. She decides to shop right where I’m working but doesn’t seem to care. I try to giver her some space but I have to continue cleaning up since I wasn’t done. When I go to put some shirts away in the right location, I hear her yelling something super loud to a coworker that just walked by)


Coworker: (looks confused) I’m sorry, what seems to be the problem?

Customer: I have this ‘vibe’ that the employees in this store are watching me. I am not stealing anything and think it’s ridiculous people are judging me by the color of my skin!

(I over hear the conversation and turn around to realize that she was african american. I didn’t even really think about it since we get so many diverse people in the store)

Customer: Just because I’m black does not mean you should  be spying on me! That’s fucking ridiculous I should just leave the store right now!

Coworker: I’m sure that’s not the issue. We are just trying to clean the store since it’s pretty messy. (she tries to explain but she keep yelling)

Customer: No! I saw that girl over there and ANOTHER employee spying on me just because I’m black! That is some fucking bullshit right there.

(I notice she starts talking about me and I start to panic. I have never been called racist before and don’t know why she would think that. I was only trying to help her out)

Coworker: I’m sure it’s just a misunderstanding. I highly doubt anyone thinks your stealing.

Customer: I just don’t like the vibe of this place! This has got to be the most racist thing I’ve ever experienced!

(She continues to complain about how she is being mistreated as my coworker tries to calm her down. She just went on and on until she decided to pay for her items.)

Customer: Don’t ever expect me to come back! This is completely racist and don’t appreciate the service. In fact, I would like the phone number of your manager and corporation.

(My coworker just cooperates since she doesn’t want to continue being yelled at. She finally left the store while STILL complaining.)

Me: What was that about?

Coworker: She thought you and some other coworker were watching her because she thought you were being racist.

(Which made it even more ironic was that I’m one of the few Mexican/Americans in the store that can also speak Spanish. I also have some relatives that are darker than her!)