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I work as a concierge in Las Vegas. A guest comes to the desk while on his cell phone, and this is the conversation:

Guest: “Excuse me, could you call Joe’s Stone Crab and ask them if they have stone crab?”

I take a moment to process what he said, and, trying not to laugh, reply:

Me: “Yes, I’m sure they do sir.”

Guest: “Could you call anyway? I just want to be sure.”

I proceed to call the restaurant, and, embarrassed, ask the hostess if a restaurant named Joe’s Stone Crab has stone crab. The hostess is trying not to laugh and tells me they do. I thank her and turn back to the guest.

Me: “Yes, they do.”

Guest: “Really? That’s weird. Good to know, thanks!”

I contemplate the futility of my existence.

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