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| Unfiltered | July 12, 2018

A man came to the counter one day. All his teeth were replaced with gold ones, but not in a blinging rapper way, they actually looked rubbish and too small for his head. This has nothing to do with the story, just colour.

Man: “Excuse me, is it true there’s a Bond film where the girl is a transexual?”.

Me (always happy to dispel an urban legend): “Well not exactly, that story does the rounds, but they do say that in For Your Eyes Only there’s a pool scene, and they do a pan of the area and one of the girls at the party there is supposed to be a transgender model. But none of the actual bond girls were.”

Man: “Have you got it in stock?”

Me: “Um, yeah probably…”

Man: “Do you have any other films about transexuals?…”.

This was about 10 years ago, and I don’t think everyone had heard of the Internet at this point.