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(I had just finished paying and was exiting the store. I see an older gentleman, in one of yhe motorized carts. He asks a man a question, but the man shakes his head and walks away. I figure I might be able to help, so I ask him what his question had been. This is a summarized version of our conversation)

Older man: I want to speak to a manager.

Me: Why don’t you ask an employee? There’s one over there. (I point out the employee he just rolled past at the self check out lanes)

Older man: I don’t want to talk to her, I want to report her.

(Employee blushes and looks embarrassed)

Me: Why do you wish to report her?

Older man: I just bought some beer and she sold them to me, but she’ s not 21. I want to report the crime.

Me: I don’t know if I can help you with that. I wouldn’t know how top very a manager so you could talk to thwthem about this. ( Not really wanting to have to do it)

Older man: Well, are you just going to turn your back, and walk away? Allowing this crime to happen?

Me: No not really.

(Looks at my 3 y/o daughter, who is sitting in my cart. He proceeds to make small talk with her. Asking her what her name is and telling her he’d bought bird seed to feed the birds. A few other bits of stuff.)

Older man: (to me again) Well, since you have this little sweetie with you. I guess I’ll let you go. I wouldn’t want to make you keep her out too long.

Me: Thank you.

(I walk out of the store gteatly relieved I had decided not to leave my daughter at home. As I ed putting cart away, I saw him, still in the motorized cart, pullinh up next to his car. He must not have gotten ahold of a manager after all)