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(I am a customer in this story. I was wearing street clothes that were very obviously not the uniform for the workers of the store. I had a cart full of items, and I had just spotted a box of generic cereal that was cheaper than the box I had in my cart, so I grabbed the generic box and then walked back and put the other box back on the shelf. Just then, another customer walked by and scooped a box of cookies I found on the clearance shelf out of my cart.)

Me: Um, excuse me. Those are mine.

Customer: I’m just helping you out.

Me *thinking it is a jab against my weight* Well I don’t need your help. Those are my cookies that I was going to buy.

Customer: Whatever. Just go back to stocking, I’m a customer, so I get first pick.

(She storms off, as I finally realize she thought I was an employee stocking shelves. I headed back to the bakery section, and I managed to find another box of cookies, but that aren’t on clearance. I then finished my shopping and headed up to the front to pay, using one of the self-checkout stands. Just as I was pulling the cookies, the same woman runs up and tries to grab the cookies away from me.)

Me: *slapping her hand away* Whoa, back off.

Customer: *screams at the top of her lungs* You gave me expired cookies! (The cookies I got originally were a day over sell-by date.) Give me the fresh ones!

Me: Lady, I don’t work here. These are mine, which is why I am buying them.

Customer: *screams incoherently and hits me in the face with her purse, before running off*