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(I work in a popular pizza chain. When this customer’s order was done slightly wrong, we didn’t notice until it already had too much of the other ingredient on to take off. I call him up.)
Me: Hello, [Pizza Chain] here, I’m so sorry, but I’m afraid we put pineapple on your pizza instead of chicken, so the order may take a while.
Customer: Yeah, fuck off.
(He hangs up. I try again, slightly miffed.)
Me: Hello, [Pizza Chain] here, could you please explain that?
Customer: I know it’s you, Jimmy, just stop being such a dick. You know it’s my night in with [fiancee] so don’t be such an ass or I’m coming over myself.
Me: Sir, this really is [Pizza Chain]…
Customer: Look, you’ve done this every day this week. It’s the pizza I ordered or the plumber I hired, just stop listening in on our calls.
(He makes a weird sound that sounds like a fart. He then slams the phone down. I tell my manager. In a few minutes, the customer comes in and the manager explains what happened. The customer went pink when my manager told him that.)
Customer: Sorry, the walls are paper-thin.
(He stills orders from us.)

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