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| Unfiltered | July 6, 2018

I work in the layby section of a store that is located next to the toilets. We only have two ladies toilets, and one was brokens because a customer stole the flushing button and we had no way of flushing it. As a result there is a line. I had these two customers come up to me one right after the other.
Customer 1: “Excusse me but you need more toilet paper in the ladies toilets”
(I just put 3 rolls in there)
Me: (Confused face) Sorry, I just put three rolls in there.
Customer 1: Oh I know, but theres a line and they will proably run out
(I was pretty confused by this, how much toilet paper do the five people in the line need?)
Another customer approaches the ladies toilets and sees the line.
Customer 2: Excusse me there are to many people in your toilets.
Me: Sorry but one of them is broken.
Customer 2: But I need to use the toilets
Me: I’m sorry but if its oppupied theres nothing I can do.
Customer 2: But I need to use them
Me: Sorry?
The customer then started at me for a good minute before walking off.

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