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(At my store, we are instructed to ask each guest if they would like to sign up for the store’s credit card, which saves them a percentage off of every purchase)
Me: (As I finish bagging the last few items) And would you be interested in saving with [store’s] card today?
Customer: I already have one. (She swipes the card and it’s declined)
Me: It happens sometimes. Why don’t you try again?
(She swipes a second time and the card is again declined)
Customer: Why the hell is my card being declined?
Me: Have you made a payment recently? Sometimes it can take up to ten business days to go through.
Customer: I’ve never made a payment on this card! I never got a bill in the mail!
Me: Oh, well if you’d like to go to customer service they can look up your bill and tell you if there’s a balance.
Customer: WHAT? You think just because I’m black I don’t pay my bills?
Me: *opens my mouth to speak*
Customer: *interrupting* No. I’ll have you know I’ve never even used this card so I *don’t* have a balance on it, but you just want to label me because I’m black. (I try to speak again) No, I don’t wanna hear a word out of your mouth.
(At this point I’m almost in tears but I finish the transaction, completely silent. The next customer comes up and offers me a kind smile)
Customer #2: Don’t let her get to you, honey. You didn’t mean anything by it but some people are determined to be miserable.

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