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A patron whom we have had issues (violent fit that nearly destroyed one of the computers) with before comes in looking for some specific books.  Because of his demeanor and the previous issues, we suspect that he suffers from mental illness, drug addiction, or a combination of both.  As I am the only male in the department, I get to work with him when he shows up.  I look for the books he wants in the catalog and find that they have been weeded from the collection.  I explain this and give him some call numbers for books that are similar.  He heads to the shelf then calls me over after a few minutes pass complaining that they are not the books he wants.  I explain to him again that those books are no longer in the collection.  He gives me the “thousand yard stare” for a minute then begins to question me.
Patron:  “You haven’t always worked in the library?”
Me: “No, sir.”
Patron: “How long have you worked here?”
Me: “About a year now.”
Patron: “What did you do before?”
Me: “I worked as a librarian in (another part of NC.) for 10 years.”
He goes back into his stare then storms out of the library yelling, “You’re lying!  They’re here! You just don’t want me to have them!  This place is full of liars!  That’s why they call it the lie-brary!”

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