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(I typically work second shift but I stayed for a couple hours to help third shift get settled, as someone called off. My manager from second was giving me a ride home and as we were walking out this happened.)

Third Shift Manager: “(Company). Can I help you? (After a beat) No we don’t.”(Hangs up.)

Second Shift Manager: “Starting already?”

Third Shift Manager: “I’m surprised it took this long.”

Me: “What did they say?”

Third Shift Manager: “I’m pretty sure they asked if we sold condoms. Can’t be sure.”

Me: (Shakes head, laughs, and begins to walk out. The phone rings again.)

Second Shift Manager: “Give it to me. I’m not on the clock, I can’t get yelled at… (Company,) How can I help you?” (Beat) “No, but the (Town) police have your caller I.D. on file, and we’ll be reporting if you call again. Thanks.” (Hangs up. This is total bull btw, as our store doesn’t have caller ID but what they don’t know won’t hurt them. As we walk out we can hear the phone ringing again.)

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