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A little over 10 years ago, I had been laid off from an IT job. Money was short, to had to take the only job that was available at the time, which was a cashier in a supermarket. Most of the time, the job was low-stress. Just scan, bag, and ask the customer for coupons and the store’s reward card.

The stress happens *without fail* during Thanksgiving, especially the night before, when everyone is rushing to pick up items they forgot to complete their Thanksgiving meal (the store closed at 6pm the day before Thanksgiving, even though the store normally operates 24/7.)

I had the bad luck to be placed on a 15 items or less express line. Stress up the yin-yang.

One customer wheels her cart up, and she has about 20 items in it. I don’t get annoyed about it. I just ask for her rewards card, scan it, and start ringing her order. The customer behind her though, HAS TO MAKE A BIG STINK ABOUT IT!

Customer: “She has more than 15 items!”

Me: “It’s not a big deal.”


Me: “She’s already been cashed out, may I have your rewards card, please?”

Customer: “Get me your supervisor, I am going to report you for breaking the rules.”

So at this point, I switch the light that tells customers that I am open to flashing to alert my supervisor. While this is happening, the queue is getting longer and more customers are becoming annoyed. My supervisor comes over, and the customer goes off on her.

The next customer in line comes up, and she says to me:

Customer 2: “What a b*tch. I used to be a cashier, people like her are the reason I don’t do this job anymore. You gonna be okay?”

Afterwards, when we were closing up the store, my supervisor came up to me and said “You handled that very well.”

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