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(A coworker comes through my till at the end of his shift with a twelve-pack of pop and a couple bags of chips.)

Coworker: “I don’t need a bag.”

Me: “Because you’re going to use you backpack right?”

Coworker: “No, I’m going to use this.” *pulls out a collapsible shopping bag* “I want to put the cans in separately first.”

Me: *as he’s digging out his wallet to pay I start to put the cans in the bag* “Just the three items?”

Coworker: “I want them all in there.”

Me: “…” *I stop what I’m doing and just stare not sure if he was joking*

Coworker: “I’m tired; leave me alone.”

Me: *laughing* “Total is $12.75.”

Coworker: *hands me a twenty* “Just hold on a second, I want to get rid of some change.” *digs out three quarters* “There, now I have no more 50 cents.”

Me: *blinks and with a straight face* “Go home.”

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