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(I’m waiting on a family member when this occurs with a lost customer)

Worker:Okay? Where are you? *procedes to give directions*
(20 minutes later)
Worker: it’s in (plaza name) not in a mall.
(15 minutes later)
Worker: Hello, are you (names)?
Customer:We have a 10:00 massage.
Worker: Okay, because you were late, it will cut into your time.
Customer; But we have a 10:00 massage and called to say we were lost. And we would like to add time to them.
Worker: I understand that ma’am, but you had a 10:00 appointment and it’s 10:27, and (name) will have to reschedule his massage if he wants to have the longer time, the masseuse is fully booked and we didn’t know he was coming.
Customer: But we have 10:00 massage! I called to say we were lost.
Worker: Yes, but we didn’t know you were together, you’re under two different last names.
Customer: It’s your fault you didnt know we were together! I book at same time!
Worker: I understand that, but we werent aware you were together, (name) will still need to reschedule as we have him down as a no show no call.
Customer: I called to say we were lost! I will call cooperate to see what they will do and cancel my subscription!
Worker: You will still get charged the fee, ma’am…
Customer:You can’t do that! I will call cooperate and cancel my subcription! I called to say I was lost!
Worker: you can do that, I can also call our manger, but…
Customer: I’m cancelling my subcription and calling cooperate! *storms out with the man she came with*
Worker: … Cooperate is gonna tell her the samething…

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