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(I work at a creamery, and every time a customer walks in, I give them a hello to make them feel welcome. The other day, while a coworker and I are behind the main counter, a pair of ladies, one older and one younger, walk into the store.)

Me: Hello! Welcome to Cold Stone!

(I go to clean off some spades to serve them, while they stand near our toppings. Another pair of people walk in and I greet them. They walk to the ice cream, where we serve people. I call to another coworker to help.)

Me: *looking to both pairs* How are you guys doing tonight?

Pair 2: Good!

Old Lady: *when I go to serve pair two* Alright, we changed our mind. *they go to leave*

Me: Have a wonderful night!

(I work on serving Pair 2. Not a minute later, the Old Lady comes back in.)

Old Lady: I want to speak with your manager. RIGHT NOW!

Coworker: Of course. We can give you his number.

Old Lady: I am so dissapointment. When I came in, no one was out here to great me! Then, she called to go and get someone, but then didn’t acknowledge us!

Coworker: Alright, I am terribly sorry, ma’am. I will give you my boss’s number

(I have anxiety, so I feel guilt and begin to tear up. I leave to take a break. In a few minutes, my other coworker comes back to tell me that every customer who was eating in the store thought she was crazy. Someone gave us a five dollar tip for dealing with her, and another said they would pay to see this kind of movie!)

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