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(A customer comes in around 11:59 pm to buy a 6 pack of beer. By the time he comes up to the front, it is 12:02 am.)

Me: I’m sorry sir, but I can’t sell alcohol to anyone after midnight.

Customer: What?! It isn’t midnight yet!

Me: The clocks on our computers say that it is 12:02, and I have to go by our clocks, not yours. According to state law, I cannot sell alcohol to anyone after 12.

Customer: I came in before 12, that’s all that should count!

Me: I’m sorry, but your getting alcohol is not worth my losing my job.

(At this point, I’ve already grabbed the 6-pack and placed it behind the counter so that the customer couldn’t take it and run.)

Customer: This is ridiculous!

(He storms out, nearly breaking the door against the store’s exterior, muttering expletives under his breath the entire timw.)

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