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I work at a small local grocery store and know a lot of people who come in. I’ve been working for a couple hours when a woman I’ve seen come in a couple of times comes in with a coupon for gas points, a deal our store has with a local gas station for lower gas prices. The coupon is for if the customer spends $75 or more. This is the end of the transaction after the customer has given me here membership card.

Me: Your total comes to $68.14.

Customer 1: Okay. Here is my coupon.

Me: Ma’am, this coupon is if you spend $75 or more. It will not work.

Customer 1: Just type it in. You have old systems here, it will work.

Me: Even if it did work, I can’t put it in because the coupon is for $75 and your total only comes to $68.

Customer 1: Ask your manager. I am not leaving without my gas points.

* At this point, my bagger leaves to ask the manager and another customer joins the line behind customer 1 *

Bagger: I’m sorry ma’am, but he said that the coupon is only for transactions that are $75 or more.

Customer 1: Then what do you suggest I do?

Me: Well ma’am, you could either get a few more items or you could leave without the extra gas points.

Customer 1: Just put in the coupon.

Me: I’m sorry ma’am, but I will not lose my job over someone whose name I don’t even know.

Customer 1: Then what do you suggest I do? I can’t leave and get something else, there is a line! This is the last day for this offer!

*the line is still just the one customer*

Me: You can either get another item, or leave without the coupon.

Customer 1: Fine.

*She runs off to get another item*

Customer 2: She seems like a bitch.

* Customer 1 comes back in a huff, throwing her item on to the conveyor.

Me: Your total comes to $75.04. Have a nice day!

* She sneered and went away, hopefully happy with her 30 cents off a gallon *

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