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The post office in the small town where I work services a sprawling rural area, most of which is accessible only by hilly, curving, single lane roads that aren’t always paved. We have just had an ice storm, and the roads have been so icy for the last two days that certain homes have not had mail delivery. I am in line, waiting to mail a package, when I overhear this phone conversation between the postmaster and a customer.

Woman: “Why haven’t you delivered my mail yet?! It’s been two days!”
Postmaster: “We  haven’t delivered the mail because our mail trucks can’t make it up the icy hills.”
Woman: “But I know I have packages in the mail, and I want them today!”
Postmaster: “I’m sorry. We won’t be able to make it out today because of the ice. Maybe tomorrow, if the weather stays nice and the ice melts. But we are holding the mail here- you’re more than welcome to stop by and pick up your mail any time.”
Woman: “I can’t stop by and pick up the mail! It’s too icy for me to drive anywhere!”

The look on the postmaster’s face was priceless!

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