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(I’m with one of my friends at a fast food restaurant. There is currently an employee cleaning up the tables, mopping, throwing away stray trash, etc. Two teenage boys throw their trash away and hardly get it into the trash can, before walking towards the door.)

Employee: *looks at the cups and napkins on the floor with a disappointed expression, meanwhile a frail old man stands up from his spot*

Old man: “Excuse me, boys? You didn’t quite make it into the can.”

Teenage boy #1: *looks at trash and continues walking*

Teenage boy #2: *laughs at the man*

Old man: *sighs a bit and smacks his lips a few times, walking to the trash can and picking up the cup, tossing it at the boys and hitting the first one with it on the arm*

Teenage boy #1: (trying to be sarcastic) “You missed the trash can.”

Old man: *smiles devilishly* “Young man, I was not aiming for the trash can.”

Employee: *laughs slightly at the entire situation*

(The boys ended up throwing away their trash and looking incredibly distraught.)

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