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(I wity guard in a convention center. Tens of thousands of people are attending a three day long international cheerleading competition. There are four main halls that seat thousands with events going on from seven a.m. to ten p.m. there are two hundred smaller rooms with workshops, vendors, practice areas, coach and parent lounges, award presentations, tickets, activities, lost and found you name it, etc. Here are some of my experiences over the past three days. Keep in mind this all happens while I am checking hundreds of people every hour for weapons, proper tickets, outside food etc.)
Man#1: “Where’s my daughter’s thing at?”
Me: “Are you looking for an event? Did she lose something? Are you trying to find her hotel?”
Man#1 “I dunno, I  just got me a text asking where the thing’s at.”
Me: The information booth is right over there.”

Woman # 1 “Where’s the room where all the people are?”

Woman # 2 “I’m here for cheerleading. Where do I go?”

Man # 1 back again: “Where’s my daughter’s thing at? I texted her back and she said red uniforms.”
Me: . . . Information is over there, schedules are online, lost and found is up the hall and to your left.

Little girl # 1 “Did you see which way they went?”
Me “Who?”
Little girl: “The other team, dummy!”

Man # 1 back a third time aggrivated: “WHERE’S MY DAUGHTER’S THING AT?”
Me: “Sir, work with me here, I am going to need more specifics.”
Man: “She said she wants to know what time and which hall the team with the red uniforms goes on, d***it, RED UNIFORMS!”

Me to woman #3 towards the end of an 18 hour shiftl: “Excuse me ma’am, I am just going to need to see your admission wristband.”
Woman: “My grandaughter is competing!”
Me: “You know what? I only make 8 bucks an hour. As long as you’re not a middle aged man who pulled up in a windowless van with ‘free candy’ spray painted on the side of it, do whatever you want. Go on in, ma’am.”