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(It’s Halloween, and I’m fully dressed as Elsa from Frozen, makeup with wig and everything.  I decide to go around public dressed in full during the day since I’m a 23 year old female and don’t care about candy or trick-or-treating anymore.  I decide to hang out at one of my favorite sports grill restaurants when this happens as I’m fixing to leave):

Fellow Regular:  WOW!  Amazing costume!

Me:  *shocked and blushing as I turn around* Why thank you, sir!

(He asks me to walk up closer so he can get a full look of my costume.  Note: my costume came from a cosplay store overseas and I look just like Elsa with my wig and everything according to some people.)

Fellow Regular:  Did you just get married?

Me:  Oh no!  It’s Halloween, and I’m going as Elsa from Frozen this year.

Fellow Regular:  I’m going to buy you a drink.  Come back in with me.

(I follow him back in the restaurant nervously as he is in his 60s and I’m young enough to be his daughter.  He buys my drink, and chats with fellow regulars all of them gushing about my costume.  He even asks me to pose for photographs so he can show his four year old grandchild that he met Elsa.  At some point this happens.)

Fellow Regular:  Can you sing the song ‘Let it Go’ from the movie.

Me:  Yes, I can.  I also happen to have a great voice, I think.

(I start singing parts of the song for his wife who is with him and other regulars as they watch and listen.  When I finish, they all start clapping.)

Fellow Regular:  Beautiful!  I cannot get over your costume.  This is the best I’ve ever seen!  *to his wife and other regulars* Isn’t it just beautiful?*

Other Regulars:  *nods and murmurs of agreement*

(Eventually, I walk out to leave and the regular gives me a small wad of cash which I try to hand back but he insists on giving it to me.  I beamed the rest of the day into Halloween night as I got to pose for pictures with all the children around the neighborhood as I handed out candy.  Best. Halloween.  Ever!)

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