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| Unfiltered | June 26, 2018

(One time we were backed up hard on drive-thru of a popular Canadian coffee franchise, and we were getting to a breaking point. Suddenly, in all of our headsets yelled the client who had been stuck on the speaker box sensor after ordering five minutes ago. (Note: when we first serve customers at the speaker box, we start with, “Welcome to [coffee shop]!”)

Not realizing that the microphone doesn’t shut off until he drives off it, and frustrated by the delay, the customer started yelling out loud to himself.
Customer: Bien, ‘Welcome to [coffee shop]’, tabarnak!

(And that just did it. We all broke down from laughter and couldn’t keep working. There’s just something magical about French curse words that make them more amusing than anything else.

It only lasted for a few seconds because the manager had also overheard the message, and came out to rightfully give us a kick in the ass to get it together and get back to work. But it was enough to reset the morale just enough to get through the rush!)