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(It was a relatively slow night, and I was doing some cleaning on the front end when the phone rang)

Me: Thank you for calling [store] this is [my name] how can I help you?

Caller: Yeah I dropped my brother off there a while ago and I’m back to pick him up, but I don’t want to go in. Can you page him for me?

Me: Umm… sure, I can do that. What’s your brother’s name?

Caller: Mike Hawk.

Me: Okay sure, hold one moment.

(I put the caller on hold, but realized I forgot the name, but knew it started with an M and was short, so I page for ‘Matt Hawk’ to come to the front because his brother was waiting. I told the caller who thanked me and hung up, and literally right after about 5 guys from our produce department came to make fun of me for falling for the classic prank. I’m just glad I didn’t actually page for ‘Mike Hawk’! – If you don’t get it, say it fast out loud. I was pretty embarrassed…)

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