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(I work in a sex toy store. Since all of our products aren’t that appropriate, we have very strict policy. Today just happens to be during Black Friday and we had gone through some problems already. Keep in mind that I am a real young looking 30 year old with a 8 month pregnancy, and hoping to quit soon because I’ll be done with my 10 years of medical college.)

(A mother and her 7 year old enter the store, clearly showing signs of annoyance.)

Me: “Excuse me ma’am but your young child cannot be allowed in this store, for we obviously have inappropriate content.”

Mother: “Don’t tell me what to do! And certainly don’t tell me how to parent my child. And you look like a stupid f***** who got herself pregnant when she was in college and had to have a second job to pay for college. Either that or you’re just d*** fat.”

Me: “Ma’am I’d like to inform you that I’m married and -”

Mother: “What a s***! Pregnant  and married at such a young age!”

Me: “Ma’am, I’m 30. Anyways, you need to get out. Your child is too young to be in this shop. I’ll have to ask you to leave.”

Mother: “This stupid little girl has gotten me thrown out of 3 shops already!”

(I’m shocked about how rude this customer is being to her own child.)

Me: “Sorry for the inconvenience ma’am, feel free to come tomorrow or any other day, but if you’re bringing others, make sure they’re over 18.”

Mother: “Whatever.”

(I see the two walk out, and 5-10 minutes later, the lady returns.)

Me: “Ma’am, I said leave. You’re child is too young for this store.”

Mother: ( looks confident ) “My idiot of a child isn’t here. She’s back at our house.”

Me: ( a look of doubt is clearly shown on my face ) ” You expect me to believe that you got to your car, left, reached your house, dropped your kid off, and made it back to this particular area? Especially in this rush?”

Mother: “Of course. The customer is always right. Now move.”

( She proceeds to shove me to the side, grab a couple of our products, and inspect them.I look around every nook and cranny for her kid for a solid 4 minutes and she hasn’t moved an inch. I then looked around to see if she was in or near another shop close by. I luckily saw her about 70 feet away. I couldn’t believe that the lady was so ignorant and stubborn, she just left her child to wander the mall! I take the kid into the store and march up to the mother.)

Mother: “(to daughter) What are you doing here? (To me) And who gives you the right to touch my child?! Call the manager!”

( I get my manager and tell him the situation.)

Manager: “You did the right thing ma’am.

Mother: “I know. Now get this s***** b****  out of here!”

Manager: ” I wasn’t talking to you. Now I am. Get the f*** out of my store. If I or my employee see your face around here or your daughter alone again, I will call security.”

( I go to take her products away but realize one is missing. It’s, of course a dildo. )

Me: ” Hey, where is the other dildo you were looking at? The pink one?

(She tried to run away but a security guard was luckily there. We questioned her repeatedly while we waited for the police, and it turns out her dildo was actually in her bag. Thank goodness. She was charged with theft and child abuse, and her child went to live with her dad. 7 years later, the child is the babysitter of my 2 young children and we like to joke about that really weird day.

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