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So I had just checked in a guest who is here for the Colorado Indian Market. As he is checking in there is a gentleman in a cowboy hat behind him who is here for the Western Stock Show. This is what went down…

Guest: We need a luggage cart and there are none left! Every year this happens! Those damn stock show people take up all the carts!

Me: I’m sorry sir but we did just have a lot of people check in using the carts, I’m sure someone will bring one back down soon…

Guest: No…you need to go and find me a cart!

Cowboy: Listen sir, I assure you a cart will be brought back down, and if one is not I will personally go find one for you.

Guest: NO! That is THEIR job!

Cowboy: No, their job is to work the front desk. It is not their fault that people are lazy and SOME people make their job harder than it needs to!

Ya’ll…I just witnessed a real life cowboy and indian fight! I don’t know who that guy was but I want to buy him a beer!

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