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, | Unfiltered | June 24, 2018

An actual conversation I had with a McDonald’s customer yesterday that I thought would be entertaining to y’all:
Her: Yes I’d like a small strawberry shake and a small m&m McFlurry
Me: -puts snack size-
Her: -miffed- Hold on what’s snk (abbreviation for snack) mean? I asked for a small
Me: It means snack size ma’am. They’re the same thing.
Her: … What, I don’t get that?!
Me: There are 2 sizes when it comes to McFlurrys: snack sized and regular.
Her: Well which one’s smaller?
Me: -trying to hold back flabbergasted laughter- The snack size.
Her: Okay thank you.

She has bamboozled me the most out of any customer thus far.