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I work on the checkouts and have an elderly customer who wishes to pay for an item she has ordered. she hands me the paperwork for her ordered goods plus a discount card  that’s for the over 60s to receive 10% of purchases. I begin to explain that the discount needed to be taken of the order when it was being made and im sorry that I cannot change the price at the checkouts I continue to explain what she can do. the customer interrupting me flies of the handle and per seeds to have a go at me and tell me that I am stupid I have ruined her day and that her life is to short to listen to me. once again I apologise and continue to explain whilst being interrupted by her making horrible noises of disgust at me. at this point I can feel myself going red as no matter what I say she just continues to have a go at me and now a queue is forming behind her. once again she started to tell me that life is to short. I quickly interrupt her as she has me many a time and tell her that my life is to short to stand her and be moaned at by her an I now refuse to serve her. the best bit was that her husband who was stood there the whole entire time gave me a quick wink just before he followed his wife after she had stormed of