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| Unfiltered | June 24, 2018

(I work at a party supply store and one of our main sales is inflating balloons. The checkout line is divided into two sections: the balloon counter and regular checkout. I hardly ever get put on the balloon counter. That night was particularly busy and my inexperienced self was blowing up multiple balloons alone. The balloons are blown up on a first come first serve basis).

Customer 1: where do I go to order balloon?

Me: the balloon counter is down there but I’ll have to finish blowing up these balloons before I can assist you.

(I finish the order I was working on and call up the customer who asked me where to stand earlier. Just then a customer with one crutch and a cast around her leg turns around from the other line).


Me: excuse me?

Angry Customer: I was waiting in line and no one was there. I only have one working leg I can’t stand for long! I only need to get one balloon blown up.

Me: so you want to get a balloon blown up now.

Angry Customer: YES!

(I kept repeating the question after that a few times because I was so shocked by the sudden outburst and overall just felt embarrassed. Fortunately the other customer let her go ahead and told me after she left that she was very rude).

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