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(I work as a sampler, giving out free samples of products to drive sales. I don’t have a set store, I move around depending on which stores want samplers. In this I am sampling four different types of chocolate and I’m in a very quiet store.)

Me: *To a group of teenage boys* “Hi, would you like try some [Brand], today? There are four to try from,  points out the corresponding flavour* we’ve got milk, dark, white or caramel flavoured chocolate.

(The teens all take one, only the last of their group commenting on his choice.)

Teen 1: And I’ll get a dark…
Teen 2: Only old ladies like dark chocolate

(As the other two teens laugh, I smile and walk over to the next customer in sight.)

(Maybe, ten minutes later, the group approaches me again, asking if they can have a second sample.

I’m not allowed to give second samples unless people seem overly aggressive, in order for them to leave me alone. However, during a quiet shift the odd second sample isn’t a huge problem. As long as I have enough samples to last the whole shift, then it’s fine. I usually only give second samples to people who seem nice and genuinely seem like they will buy the product – if not today but in the future.

This group of teens obviously weren’t interested in buying any, so I told them I couldn’t give them another. But again, five minutes later I ran into them again.)

Teen 2: “Can we please have another sample.”
Me: *tiredly* “Sure.”

*they all pick the same chocolate as before, expect Teen 1*

Teen 1: “I’ll get a milk one this time…”
Me: “You don’t want to be an old lady anymore?”
*his friends laugh*
Teen 1: *while awkwardly laughing with them* “Yeah… I need to give it up.”

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