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(I am a customer here. I’m browsing through the aisles when another customer, an older lady, approaches me. Note, I am fairly tall while the lady is quite short.)
Lady: “Excuse me dear, I need a hand. You do work here, right?”
(After having read all the “I don’t work here” stories on this site I am a little worried that I’m in for some crazy)
Me: “Um, no… I don’t, actually…”
Lady: “Oh, I’m sorry! Well, would you mind doing me a favour anyway, then? I just need a hand getting one of these things off the top shelf. I can’t reach it.”
Me: *relieved* “Of course, no problem!”
(I got the item she wanted and she thanked me and left. Guess I was worried for nothing, but it’s nice to know that some people are still polite and sane!)

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