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I am working the computer and business machines (faxes, small copiers, etc.) section of a chain store in the late 90s. I have a co-worker who is on his final week before taking a new job, and he is increasingly impatient with rude customers. He is walking the aisle where we keep RAM, Hard Drives, and other upgrade components locked in a case. A customer approaches him angrily.

Customer: You! You sold me memory for my computer and it doesn’t work!

Co-Worker: I’m sorry about that sir, what kind of computer is it?

Customer: It’s a Packard Bell.

Co-Worker: Do you have a model number?

Customer: No, it’s a Packard Bell, about 2 years old.

Co-Worker: Okay. Without any more information than that, I probably told you that one of these three types will work with your computer **indicating into glass case**. Most likely this one, but definitely one of these three. Do you remember when you purchased it?

Customer: A few weeks ago.

Co-Worker: Okay. We have a 90 day return policy with your receipt. If the memory didn’t work, you could just bring it in to exchange it. Do you still have your receipt?

Customer: No! I don’t have my damn receipt.

Co-Worker: I am sorry, sir. We do have the 90 day return/exchange policy. We will need your receipt, however, because…

Customer: I don’t have my receipt! Fix it!

Co-Worker: Sir, without your receipt, I’m not sure what…

Customer: I guess you’re just an ignorant f*** then aren’t you?

At this point, my co-worker has had enough of retail. He looks the customer dead in the eyes and replies:

Co-Worker: Dude, you can just s*** my n** s***.

Customer: I want to see your manager!

Co-Worker: I am sure there is one up front somewhere.  **he waves in the direction of the service desk**

As the customer stared in horror, my co-worker turned on his heel and walked back to the office/break room area. He looks in at the manager working at the desk, tosses his keys onto the desk along with his polo shirt, and looks at her.

Co-Worker: I just can’t do this anymore.

He walked out without another word, and they mailed him his final check. His telling off of that customer was the story of legends from then on in our store.

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