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I work for a small city answering the phones for multiple departments.

Me: *answers phone with department name*

Caller: Hi, I just switched cable companies and I want to know what channel I can watch TV Bingo on?

Me: Did you try calling the new cable company?

Caller: Yes, but they said they couldn’t help me because I didn’t know the name of the channel. I really want to play TV Bingo but I don’t know what channel to tune into.

*Note – I have the same cable provider and I have never seen the channel he is looking for but it does have a digital channel guide so if you were to scroll through the list it would show you every available channel.

Me: Well sir you have called [city] and I am not really sure but do you know who is in charge of the TV Bingo?

Caller: Well I think it’s [local service group].

I Google the group to see if I can find a phone number but as it’s a volunteer organization nothing turns up.

Me: I’m sorry sir but I am not seeing a phone number for that group and as we are [city] and not affiliated with them in anyway there isn’t much more I can tell you.

Caller: Well ok then but how am I going to play TV Bingo? I don’t know what channel to watch!

I am not sure why he thought the city would have any idea what channel to watch for TV Bingo when it doesn’t have anything to do with us. If the cable company couldn’t tell him I’m not sure if he ever found the answer!

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