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(A black man walks into our restaurant but keeps his distance from the cash registers. Most customers who behave this way are usually waiting for the rest of their party to arrive before ordering. With this assumption, I leave to the cash register to clean off tables.)

Customer: (Shouting) “So y’all don’t serve black people?”

(I turn around in time to see him leave. I asked my coworker, Mack, if I had heard him correctly.)

Mack: “That’s exactly what he said”

(I immediately walk outside to confront this guy. The customer saw me and got out of his truck.)

Customer: “Look, I heard you guys were real good, so I wanted to try…”

Me: (Cutting him off) “You realize that you order at the cash register don’t you? We didn’t say anything because it looked like you were waiting for others”

(The customer followed me back inside the restaurant where I pointed out two men (coincidentally white) ordering at the cash registers)

Me: “Do you see these two guys ordering food at the register? Do you notice the massive menu on the wall or the wooden sign under the registers that says ‘Order Here’?”

(The customer ordered his food to-go. Perhaps realizing how absurd it was to accuse us of discriminating against blacks, he apologized for his behavior. Of the six of us working at the restaurant, three of us are Asian, one of us is Hispanic, and the other two are White. The food service industry is absolutely the worst place to work.)

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