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We get a lot of customers asking for the locations of items in our store. Most of the time it’s items that aren’t very common, or may be classified under something strange. But every so often we get something like this.

I was checking off an order when a customer comes up to me.

Customer: “Excuse me, do you have any honey mustard sauce?”

Me: “Of course, it’ll be right over here.”

I was a little confused because our honey mustard is one shelf above our regular mustard. But I lead him to the shelf and point it out.

Me: “Here we are.”

Customer: “No, not regular mustard, I mean do you have honey mustard, you know, the stuff you use with fried pepperoni?”

Me: “Yes, we have several kinds, here, here and here.” (I actually half pulled one of each brand we have off the shelf.)

Customer (a little embarrassed): “Oh, uh, thank you.”

Me: “No problem.”

Customer’s girlfriend (who was just joining us in the aisle): “Is it there?”

Customer: “…Yes.”

I get the feeling they thought I had lost my mind when I lead them down the aisle they had just come from.

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