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I work at a very popular cable company’s call center. I have just finished training, and this is my very first day on the floor. I get a call and I answer, using my script like I have been instructed. I can see that he’s called before, though he denies he’s done so. I get his name and his address and we continue.

Caller: So, I need these tv’s set up soon. I’m having a bachelor party tonight.

Me: That’s…neat. Congrats to the lucky guy. Do you have any particular shows on tv you like, or channels you must have?

Caller: Nah, just whatever’s affordable would be great. Actually, could you include MTV? I love MTV. I like the music videos.

Me: Okay, I can absolutely do that for you! I like MTV’s music videos too!

Caller: Yeah, I especially love Beyonce and Nicki Minaj. MMM.

Me: Uh, yeah. Beyonce’s pretty great. She’s beautiful, that’s for sure.

Caller: Yeah, and her a** is great. Nicki’s got a big a** too.

At this point, the caller begins to breathe rather heavily. I’m trying to concentrate on putting together a television package for him. I can hear some noise in the background that sounds like p*rnography.

Me: So, how many televisions are you going to need set up?

Caller: I’m viewing some movies for the bachelor party tonight. They’re pretty hot movies. Got some brazilian girls with big booties. Mmm, they’re sexy. And the men have some huge d****!

I can hear very clearly now that he is in fact, watching a p*rno. He is still breathing heavily and I’m extremely disturbed. I am unsure what to do.

Me: I’m sorry, how many tv’s?

Caller: *click*

Turns out, this guy was a pervy prank caller who had called at least ten times and gotten other representatives. He still does this from time to time!

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