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Last fall I worked as a ref for my towns soccer league. My boss would move me from field to field and on this particular day I was working on the 9 & 10 year old’s field. It was my first time working it and I was pretty nervous about messing up. The coaches didn’t make it any better.

Coach #1- (to his helping coach) “This ref has no clue what she’s doing.”

Coach #2- (he responds) “They really need better refs.” (This time out loud & to me) “That should have been our ball!”

His team had obviously been the one to kick it out considering one of his players handed it to the other team before I had said anything.

This continued through the whole game. I was tempted to make him leave the field for unsportsmanlike behavior but decided against it.

After the game I was on the verge of tears when the coaches of the other team, which I add still lost even though I “clearly favoring them”, came up to me.

Coach #3- “Hey, don’t listen to those guys. Their a**holes and you did fine.”

Coach #4- “We know this was your first time on this field and we hope you come back. You really were a lot more fair than they have you credit.”

My boss had overheard the whole conversation and had even heard some of the comments Coaches 1 & 2 had made during the game.

To say the least, they won’t be coaching for this league for a very long time and the other two are coming back to coach next year!

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