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(Note: Im a lesbian who works in a store that basically sells band merchandise,etc. Im wearing a black bracelet that says “you’re mine” from my girlfriend.A woman comes up to my register,buying many items for her daughter,and she quickly notices my bracelet)

Woman: Oh my!What a lovely bracelet! Whos the lucky guy?
Me: *id smile* oh actually my partner got it for me on our 6 month anniversary
Woman:Partner?What do you mean partner?A man,right?
Me:No,i mean a girl.My girlfriend bought me this.
(the woman proceeds to throw the items on the floor and yell many insults at me and makes a secene in the store)
Me: *trying to keep my cool* M’am,im sorry if i upset you but please calm down and do not use those types of insults
Woman: I do not want to deal with such a F**!I demand to see your manager right now and i will have your a** fired!
Me:im the manager m’am.Again if you keep using that type of language i will be forced to ask you to leave.
Woman: Well i dont wanna have to deal with such a b****!I will not be buying anything from here because of you!
(The daughter finally decides to intervene)
Her Daughter:Would you shut the hell up?!She has been nothing but helpful with getting us finished and youre being such a b****!Guess what?! My boyfriend i told you about?! hes a transgender!go wait in the car and let me finish here,and i want you to drop me off to dads house,because youre such a b****
(the woman turns bright red,stutters and runs out of the store)
Daughter: Im so sorry about her!she always acts like this and it drives me crazy!
Me: Dont apologize,that was awesome!Thanks for being helpful!
(we high fived,and we were able to talk about some of the bands she liked,and i ended up giving her half off for being so helpful)

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