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(My sixteen-year-old daughter is asked to interview a local business owner. She has recently become a vegan, so she decides to call the owner of a newly-opened vegan burger restaurant and ask if he’d consent to be interviewed. He is very accommodating, and seems friendly, so she finds the courage to ask him if he was hiring.)

Owner: “Well, I could use another waitress. Do you have any experience?”

Daughter: “Not with serving tables, but I worked at [well-known local ice cream place] last summer. I learned how to make everything on the menu, and I dealt with the public all the time.”

Owner: “That’s good enough for me. You’re hired!”

(She is thrilled to be working for someone she admired, and the job is pretty good. In addition to earning money, she occasionally gets free food. All is well for several months until one day…)

Daughter: *checks e-mail on her phone, gasps, and starts to cry* “I … don’t have a job anymore.”

Me: “What?”

Daughter: *sobbing* “[Owner] just sent me an e-mail saying that I’m fired. He says that I don’t have enough experience. I don’t understand; he knew when he hired me that I hadn’t been a waitress before!”

(She was broken-hearted to be out of a job, and she lost all her admiration for the owner. So did I, if you’re dissatisfied with an employee’s performance, shouldn’t you talk to that employee to try to get them to improve? And, failing that, if you’re going to fire someone, shouldn’t you have the decency to do it in person? I found out later that this was a pattern with that guy – he would hire people on a whim and then fire them on some flimsy pretext, always by e-mail. Luckily, my daughter found another job shortly afterwards.)