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(I work at a major craft store as a cashier. It’s a Saturday, which happens to be extremely busy. A family comes through my line with the mother on her phone. I greet the customers and begin to ring them up. One of their items is without a price tag on it. We have to put everything manually in as we do not scan things except for patterns. I bring this to their attention so they are aware of the situation.)

Me: “Ma’am, this doesn’t have a price tag. I’m going to have to get a price check on it.”

Both The Women: *while still on the phone and her husband* “Well, can’t you just scan it?”

Me: “No, I have to manually put everything in. All I can scan are patterns. I just wanted you to be aware of the situation—”

(As I tell them this, her husband went to get another one on his own accord when she looks up from her phone and out of nowhere shouts.)

Woman: “Well, stop being so d*** rude then and go get me another one!”

(By this time, her husband already has another item identical to it as she huffs off with her daughter. I finish up checking them out, and get to the next customer in line.)

Customer #2: “Geez. You weren’t being rude. You were letting her know what was going on.”

Me: “I can’t leave my till, anyway.”

Customer #2: “You have more patience than I do. I would have told her to get off the phone and that she was the one being rude. “

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