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I work at for a cheesesteak chain where shall the branches are independently owned and operated, so our menu and hours are different from all the others. 5 minutes after closing, a couple walks in. Our frier is turned off, but we can still make cheesesteaks on our grill

Me: Hi, there, folks.

Man: Can I get the pepper cheesesteak?

Me: you bet.

Woman: Can I have 20 buffalo wings?
(We can’t cook anything that needs the frier)
Me: I’m sorry, ma’am, but we just turned our drier off for the night. If you’d like, I could–

Woman: What? You turned off your frier already? But it’s so early! You guys don’t close for another hour!

Me: Actually, ma’am, we closed five minutes ago.

Man: But your website says you close at 8.

Me: Yes, but because all our branches are independent, the owner has us close at 7. If you’d like, I can still get you your cheesesteak?

Man: Alright.

The woman moves back towards the door muttering about how we robbed her of her dinner while the man reaches for his wallet. He pulls a folded piece of paper out and hands it to me. It’s a coupon that our branch hasn’t supported for years now.

Me: I’m so sorry, sir, but we no longer support this coupon.

Man: You know what, you’re all just a bunch of F***ING A**HOLES and you just lost our business!

They storm out.

Cook: Did they leave?

Me: Yeah.

Cook: Thank god.

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