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(I’m a second level in-house technician for the largest ISP in Germany. It’s been really chaotic for the last year because all customers have to upgrade their old connections to new IP-based connections, and all the telephones are upgraded to VoIP. And, because we have tens of millions of customers, it tends to get wrong sometimes, mostly because of a problem with the customers’ old DSL ports, but sometimes because of mistakes in our internal servers. My job is to take care of the customers’ DSL line, and if it turns out they have a problem with their hardware, I have to redirect them to the coworkers that are taking care of house brand routers or to tell them to contact their manufacturer. This customer has just switched connections and now nobody can call them, although they can call anyone; I check if the switch to VoIP has been completed and then make an exception and troubleshoot their router for them, since I have the same model at home and know it very well. This takes a long time, I’m already working twenty minutes past my shift end. It turns out the router is okay and their numbers aren’t correctly processed at our VoIP server, so I need to send a ticket to the guys over there to correct it. This particular problem unfortunately also prevents me from transferring calls to the customer’s mobile. The customer runs some kind of small business, but doesn’t have a business account. Also, I’m female.)

Me: … So, unfortunately, Ma’am, I can’t fix it, but I’ll send it to the guys that can right away. Sorry for all the trouble.

Caller: Alright, but this is ridiculous. Do I have to stay on the phone now and explain the whole thing all over again?

Me: It won’t be possible to transfer you via phone, because the colleagues at this unit don’t have a hotline. I’ll have to send it without a call and they will call you in turn.

Caller: So how long until they do?

Me: I can’t give you an estimate, I’m sorry, they don’t work with us.

Caller: So you’re telling me you can’t tell me? What kind of s****y customer service is this? I’m paying and I demand you fix it NOW!

Me: With all due respect, Ma’am, screaming at me won’t change anything. Now, if you let me just send your ticket over at the VoIP Management-

Caller: NO! I do not agree! You’re all liars and scammers over there, trying to rob honest people! You do know this is a business, right? I’m losing money right now because YOU DON’T WANT TO HELP ME OR EVEN TRANSFER MY CALLS!

Me: Ma’am, I already explained three times to you how your telephone works now and why this isn’t possible. Please stop screaming at me. I already took more time than needed into trying to fix your problem. My working policy states that I only need to take care of your line, which is stable; everything after that is on me, and I’m already twenty minutes overtime with your call! So please let me transfer the ticket over to-


Me: That’s what you’re doing right now!

Caller: You’re not a technician, you’re a dumb girl! You know nothing about this stuff! You just don’t want to fix it! I demand it to be fixed right now with TOP PRIORITY! And I will REPORT you for being so incompetent!

Me: First of all: you don’t have a business account so top priority is out of the question. Second of all, I don’t have to listen to this. *click*

(I proceed with explaining in the ticket exactly how rude the customer is so that the guys over at VoIP Management have an idea what they’re dealing with)

Coworker next to me: So what exactly didn’t she understand? You explained everything perfectly, and three times at that. My dog would have gotten it.

Me: I don’t know, man, she got so crazy in the end, she was contradicting herself. It was beyond my help.

(I don’t know if she reported me, in any case I didn’t hear anything about that any more. If she wants to make trouble, I have a reliable witness.)