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(More often than not, customers come in through our registers wearing headphones or talking on the phone. As such, communicating with them becomes a hassle, but it’s tolerable. This is not the case this time. This customer is not wearing headphones, nor is he on his phone.)

Me: How can I help you, sir?

Customer: (says nothing, but drops his items for me to scan)

Me: Do you have your rewards card?

Customer: Yes I do. (He immediately swipes his credit card even though I have not yet started scanning his items)

Me: Sorry sir, the register isn’t ready for that yet.

(I scan his items fairly quickly and he swipes his card once more, again the register isn’t ready to accept payment yet, at this point I can see it’s a chip card so swiping won’t do it any good either way)

Me: Would you like to use your rewards card for this purchase first?

Customer: Oh! Yes. (at this point he puts in his phone number, bringing up his rewards membership, discounts, etc.)

Me: Okay sir, there we go! Now if you could just put the chip in the reader down below

(The customer AGAIN swipes his card through, prompting the card reader to display the “PLEASE INSERT CHIP” message for him to see. He’s not paying attention and I am screaming internally)

Me: Sir, please use the chip reader below.

Customer: Oh okay. (He puts the chip in, and the machine takes his payment)

Me: Thank you very much, sir, and have a good night

(He ignores me once again as he walks out with his purchases)

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