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[A middle aged woman walks up to the service desk counter with 4 kids. Two in the cart, and two by her side. One of them proceeds to sit on my counter.]

Woman: Do you know if [store] online coupons expire?

Me: I’m not quite sure.. [I turn to my coworker, I don’t personally use the online couponing service for a number of reasons, but my coworker does] Do you know if they do?

Coworker: Depending on the kind, they do expire within a month.

Woman: Oh. Well it was for 3 dollars. Can you just give me the 3 dollars?

Coworker: Sorry, we cannot. Since the online couponing service is a separate entity from the store, you’d have to contact them, and they can sort it for you. We’re not allowed to at store level.

Woman: But it’s ONLY 3 dollars.

Coworker: I’m sorry. There’s nothing we can do. [I write her the number on a post-it]

Woman: Fine. And also, I hate shopping here. Everyone is so rude. I just went through the fashions department looking for a pair of shoes for my daughter. She needs them for cheerleading. They have a hole in them! It’s unacceptable. I asked this girl working back there if she could discount a pair of clearance shoes for 15 to 20% off. She said she can’t. She called over another woman and they refused to help me when I asked to speak to a manager! At MY store in [town just a few miles north] they ALWAYS discount things for me. I’m a single mother with 12.. I mean 4 kids! I’m poor and my a****le of an ex-husband refuses to pay me child support! I spend THOUSANDS of dollars here weekly and MILLIONS monthly! I used to work for [my store’s name] for 6 years and I worked with [she listed a few names]!

Coworker: I’ve never heard of any of those people.. I will speak with a manager about what happened for you.

Woman: Good. I want corporate’s number as well. [I give her it and she leaves]

Coworker: Maybe she shouldn’t be having kids then.

[later, I spoke with my coworkers from fashion’s who dealt with this woman, to see what really happened]

Younger coworker: Yeah, I called over [older coworker] for help because she seemed like she was going to blow up in my face when I explained that I didn’t have the authority to approve that.

Older Coworker: She never demanded a manager either. I suggested that she speak with the service desk since we really can’t do anything.