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(I work in a supermarket handling fruit, vegetables and flowers. We have gloves that we usually wear, which allows me to wear a ring on my middle finger. I take off my gloves to do price reductions. A customer approaches me)
Customer #1: …Aren’t you a little young to be married?
Me: What? Oh no, this isn’t a wedding ring.
(I even hold up my hand to illustrate that the ring isn’t on the right finger.)
Customer #1: Oh.
(Not two minutes later, another customer notices my ring.)
Customer #2: So nice to see that young people these days still wear promise rings. Good for you for waiting.
Me: Um, no…this isn’t a promise ring.
(Again I hold up my hand to show it’s not on my ring finger. The customer just walks away. I move to reduce a different area when one of my coworkers approaches.)
Coworker: Oh, nice ring! I didn’t know you were engaged.
Me: That’s because I’m not!

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